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How Chutzpah Works


Chutzpah works by running the JavaScript unit tests inside of a headless browser. A headless browser is a web browser control which runs in the background. The same way you run your unit tests inside of a browser is how they run with Chutzpah. When you execute Chutzpah on your HTML test harness it launches the headless browser, runs the HTML file and then captures and parses the results. When you run Chutzpah on your JavaScript tests file it will generate a test harness HTML file for you and run that through the headless browser.


The headless browser Chutzpah uses is called PhantomJS. PhantomJS is based on the webkit rendering engine which is important to keep in mind since you are not guaranteed your tests will pass on a browser that uses a different rendering engine. However, in most cases your tests should work fine in across most the modern browser. In the future Chutzpah will support more browsers that use different rendering engines.

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