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Excluding a single file from test discovery: _references.js


I've been spending a while today trying to exclude the VS auto intellisense file _references.js from the test discovery and run. If it's in the folder with all the tests, for example /Scripts or any sub folder therein, chutzpah sees all the tests referenced within the _references.js file and tries to run those again. So I get my tests running twice and failing the second test run for some reason. To be specific, if I have 240 passing tests, it'll run 480 tests with 240 failing.

I tried setting up chutzpah.json to use either "Tests": [ ] or "References": [] to exclude that particular file, but when I do, all tests seem to completely ignore the references within them. So none of them pass anymore. I feel like I'm missing a simple way to exclude a single file or just a few files from chutzpah test discovery. My solution right now is to move the _references.js file outside of the scripts directory entirely, but it'd be nice to leave it in with the files it's referencing.


mmanela wrote Oct 30, 2015 at 2:33 PM

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