Excluding a single file from test discovery: _references.js

I've been spending a while today trying to exclude the VS auto intellisense file _references.js from the test discovery and run. If it's in the folder with all the tests, for example /Scripts or an...

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Chutzpah is not working

I'm trying to run jasmine test within Visual Studio 2012. I've added both plugins Chutzpah Test Adapter for the Test Explorer and Chutzpah Test Runner Context Menu Extension. When I press "run al...

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Cannot set working: VS2015 + TypeScript 1.3 + qunit + Chutzpah

Dears, I'm using the configuration as in the title but I cannot set Chutzpah up to work even if I've rad and tried all'about I've found about using direcly compiled js files, compile with specify...

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QUnit 1.16.0 assert.async() is failing

Receiving error: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'assert.async()') Failing when setting var done = assert.async(); I have striped out the my actual test implementation and ran test be...

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Ignore node_modules folder for test discovery

I have a project that uses nodejs, and loads packages via NPM into the node_modules folder. Test discovery times out on some folders under node_modules such as grunt and bootstrap with "Error: Time...

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Chutzpah.json Tests Path/Include not matching test files

My VS Options for Chutzpah are: Enable Chutzpah Tracing = True Testing Mode = All Chutzpah.json is in my VS project root, and contains: "Tests": [ { "Path": "bin/JasmineTests/Tests", "Include"...

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How can I save the test results which are produced by Chutzpah

Could you please let me know .. on how to save the test results into a file. Planning to post the test results to TFS on post build activity. How to achieve this.

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Error with https references

I can't add some https references in my Chutzpah.json. It occurs with 3.2.4 version.

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Chutzpah Unknown error occurred when executing test file. Received exit code of -1073741819

Hi, I am using chutzpah 3.0.1 to run Jasmine JS unit tests. However i am getting following error once all test completed and fails the build. "Unknown error occurred when executing test file....

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TFS doesn't execute js test

Hi. I have tfs 2012. In VS2013 I created simple project with js code and test on Jasmine. I want create build definition in tfs, which test my js code via chutzpah. In build controller I set path t...

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