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Chutzpah console test runner (64-bit .NET 4.0.30319.34003)
Copyright (C) 2013 Matthew Manela (

usage: chutzpah.console [options]
usage: chutzpah.console <testFile> [options]

Valid options:
  /silent                : Do not output running test count
  /teamcity              : Forces TeamCity mode (normally auto-detected)
  /wait                  : Wait for input after completion
  /failOnError           : Return a non-zero exit code if any script errors or timeouts occurs
  /failOnScriptError     : Alias for failOnError (deprecated)
  /debug                 : Print debugging information and tracing to console
  /trace                 : Logs tracing information to chutzpah.log
  /openInBrowser         : Launch the tests in the default browser
  /timeoutMilliseconds   : Amount of time to wait for a test file to finish before failing. (Defaults to 5000)
  /parallelism [n]       : Max degree of parallelism for Chutzpah. Defaults to number of CPUs + 1
                         : If you specify more than 1 the test output may be a bit jumbled
  /path path             : Adds a path to a folder or file to the list of test paths to run.
                         : Specify more than one to add multiple paths.
                         : If you give a folder, it will be scanned for testable files.
                         : (e.g. /path test1.html /path testFolder)
  /file path             : Alias for /path (deprecated)
  /vsoutput              : Print output in a format that the VS error list recognizes
  /coverage              : Enable coverage collection
  /coverageIncludes pat  : Only instrument files that match the given shell patterns (in glob format), comma separated.
  /coverageExcludes pat  : Don't instrument files that match the given shell pattern (in glob format), comma separated.
  /compilercachefile     : File where compiled scripts can be cached. Defaults to a file in the temp directory.
  /compilercachesize     : The maximum size of the cache in Mb. Defaults to 32Mb.
  /testMode              : The mode to test in (All, Html, AllExceptHTML, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, JavaScript)
  /showFailureReport     : Show a failure report after the test run. Usefull if you have a large number of tests.
  /junit filename        : output results to JUnit-style XML file

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